Aligning product roadmaps with senior leaders: A strategic approach

BY Tom Fox on January 30, 2024

In this article, Senior Product Manager, Tom Fox, explores key strategies to align product roadmaps with senior leaders, emphasising the importance of business metrics, stakeholder sign-off, and other important elements. Read more »

Taking a 360 degree approach to roadmaps

BY Tunde Adeniran on January 8, 2024

How to optimise your B2B product roadmap with a 360-degree approach, merging customer feedback, internal stakeholder insights, and market trends. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Perfecting product roadmaps with Janna Bastow

BY Eira Hayward on November 5, 2023

an AMA session with ProdPad CEO Janna Bastow where she answers your questions on perfecting product roadmaps. Read more »

Unconscious biases - how do they impact the product roadmap?

BY Jayendran Gopalsami on August 29, 2023

Roadmaps play a crucial role in aligning product teams, maintaining focus on goals, and effectively communicating with stakeholders. However, the fluid nature of business means that product roadmaps are not impervious to change. Read more »

A product owner's guide to future planning

BY Victor Semin on August 1, 2023

In this article, Product Owner, Victor Semin, outlines a simple structure and provides a description of the most common sources of inspiration to consider while planning the further development of their product. Read more »

3 tips to ensure a flexible product roadmap

BY Jordan Jacobi on April 4, 2023

In product management, a roadmap is the source of truth, the shared prioritisation tool of a product team. Here are 3 tips that will help you build a roadmap that’s set up to conquer the unknown. Read more »

Let's talk about product roadmaps — The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on November 2, 2022

Lily and Randy in this special episode, take a trip down memory lane to have a chat about the best Roadmap insights they’ve heard from a range of product episodes on the podcast over the past year. Tune in to listen to actionable insights from Philips Nwachukwu, Janice Fraser, Maahir Shah, and more! Read more »

Placing product bets on your roadmap by Indicative

BY Louron Pratt on October 27, 2022

In this digital breakout session sponsored by Indicative at #mtpcon London 2022, Esmeralda Martinez, Head of Product at Indicative by mParticle discussed placing bets and taking smart calculated risks on your product roadmap. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: How to gain alignment from your product roadmap

BY Louron Pratt on October 23, 2022

A big part of finding success in your product roadmap is gaining alignment between your product team and stakeholders. In this Sunday Rewind, we cast our minds back to when C. Todd Lombardo taught us a lesson on how to do just that. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Product roadmaps in five easy pieces

BY Eira Hayward on September 25, 2022

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back to a 2018 post from product leader Scott Colfer that digs into five elements that make up a good roadmap. The five elements are, says Scott: Context Set the context for your product, considering things like product lifecycle stage, organisational needs, and audience. Scott says his product roadmaps often Read more »