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Sometimes you just need to ask a question or debate a solution. Sometimes you want a second opinion on something you’re building. Sometimes you just want to vent and get commiserations from fellow product managers.

The Mind the Product Slack channel is an amazing tool for all of this and more – and we have thousands of product managers actively engaged every day. Join us!


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House Rules

1. Be generous and patient
If someone is doing something you don't understand or agree with, give them the benefit of the doubt and talk it over. There is zero tolerance of toxic, destructive behaviour.

2. If you disagree with someone - that's good!
Discussions and debates are what make this community awesome! Keep it civil and avoid personal attacks, and we'll all get along just fine.

3. This is a great place to hire product people
Rather than post jobs directly to Slack, post them on, and we'll promote them *everywhere*, including Slack

4. Be careful with the self-promotion
If you've written an awesome blog post, we'd love to see it in the #freshcontent channel. If you wrote or are organising something that's relevant to the current discussion in some other channel, then add to the conversation and explain why it's interesting. Don't just post your links everywhere.

5. Not sure if you should post something?
No problem - just ask an admin via private message (if in doubt, talk to @camassey). We're super friendly, and we promise to help you any way we can.

6. Don't spam or scrape email addresses
We have zero tolerance for spam either in slack or via email addresses scraped from slack, and we will never sell or share your email addresses to anyone. We're a community for product people to share what they know and hone their craft.

7. Pick one channel
When posting pick one channel - don't post the same thing across multiple channels. The channels are there for a reason - to allow our audience to choose what they want to see - so pick the most appropriate one (almost never #general) and only post your message there. Posting in multiple channels won't get you more responses - just more upset community members.

If you aren't following these House Rules, and are making it difficult to create an awesome product management community, you may be asked to leave.