Personal experience: test task to search for a junior product manager vacancy

BY Hermann Antonov on June 13, 2024

In this article, Hermann Antonov, Head of Product at CSI, shares his approach to creating an effective test case for hiring Junior Product Managers, offering insights on the desired candidate qualities, search outcomes, and feedback from candidates. Read more »

Crafting a go-to-market strategy for enterprise product management

BY Aqsa Fulara on March 26, 2024

This article delves into the distinct challenges and essential strategies for a successful Go-to-Market (GTM) approach within the enterprise domain. It initiates by unveiling the uniqueness of enterprise product management compared to regular product management, emphasizing the critical perspective of distribution as an inherent aspect of product processes. By highlighting the intricate buying journey in Read more »

Organisations starve on a diet of low-hanging fruit

BY David Cox on March 15, 2024

This article challenges the dominance of marginal gains in product strategies, promoting a shift towards addressing product debt. Read more »

From chaos to clarity: Simplifying product strategy with a step by step canvas

BY Sandra Davey on March 1, 2024

In this article, Sandra Davey, agile product coach at Organa, highlights the importance of a cohesive product strategy and shares a streamlined, user-friendly step by step canvas suitable for all experience levels. Read more »

A case study: Building a fintech in 2022 and exiting it

BY Dmytro Lokshyn on February 9, 2024

A case study highlighting key learnings from building and selling a fintech: from navigating regulatory challenges to adapting to market shifts. Read more »

Navigating the corporate labyrinth: A product manager's guide to strategic empowerment

BY Robert Schlaff on February 8, 2024

This article champions the concept of “product-led strategy”, transforming the way product managers navigate and influence within large organizations. Read more »

Sunsetting success: How to strategically phase out products in the digital age

BY Balaji Ananthanpillai on February 6, 2024

In this comprehensive article, we explore the key steps and considerations for product managers when it’s time to sunset a product. Read more »

What product teams can learn from InVision

BY Louron Pratt on January 8, 2024

With InVision shutting up shop by the end of this year, we reflect on what went wrong at the UX design and software company. Read more »

Deep dive: Key considerations in evolving your product organization

BY Yohay Etsion on January 2, 2024

Discover how product-led companies are transforming the business landscape, leveraging technology, automation, and end-to-end product organisations to create efficient, customer-centric, and innovative products. Read more »

New structures for product growth and product-centric organizations

BY Hans-Jörg Roser on December 14, 2023

Hans-Jörg Roser, Head of Product Management at H&F Solutions GmbH discusses challenges in corporate communication between Sales and Marketing, explores trends in product management, and advocates for a product-centric organizational structure, emphasizing agile scaling and holistic approaches to foster successful transitions and employee empowerment. Read more »