The next 10 years in product management

BY Eira Hayward on December 27, 2022

In this discussion at #mtpcon London 2022, Marc Abraham, Lindsey Jayne, Matt and Keji Adedeji debate the likely next 10 years in product management. Watch the video in full or read on for key highlights! Read more »

August's top product management content

BY Louron Pratt on August 30, 2022

On Mind the Product this month, we saw popular articles ranging from London throwbacks to making better product decisions with evidence. Read on to check out our top 5 popular posts on Mind the Product this month. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: The biggest challenge for product managers?

BY Louron Pratt on July 24, 2022

What is your biggest challenge as a product manager? The million-dollar question had Christian Bonilla thinking. He, therefore, decided to publish his key findings and his thoughts on this matter, which is what we’ll be delving into for this Sunday Rewind episode. Read more »

What we learned at MTP SF+Americas

BY Louron Pratt on May 26, 2022

This week, thousands of product people from across the world came together both in-person and online for #mtpcon SF+Americas 2022. After a three-year hiatus of in-person events in the US, it was our first hybrid conference experience in San Francisco. Here’s a quick look at what we learned across the two days. Read more »

Busting product management myths: Part 2 of 2

BY Bhooshan Mogal on February 15, 2022

In a previous article, I had described five common Product Management myths and contrasted them with facts. In this part, we will continue the article to provide clarity on 5 more myths. Let’s get right into it. Read more »

3 ways product managers’ roles have evolved – and where they’re headed next

BY Maziar Adl on February 1, 2022

In this post, we look at three ways product managers’ responsibilities have shifted in the past several years, to better understand what the future of the product management role could hold. Read more »

January’s top product management content

BY Louron Pratt on January 31, 2022

As we reach the end of the first month of 2022, there’s been a lot of content to keep us up to scratch with the product management craft. Read on for a recap of the 5 most talked-about pieces on Mind the Product. Let’s dive right in… Read more »

Busting product management myths: Part 1 of 2

BY Bhooshan Mogal on January 27, 2022

There are a number of additional myths about product management. This two-part series will address 10 more of the popular myths about product management, and provide a sense of reality about them. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Creating good roadmaps - 6 practical steps for product leaders

BY Louron Pratt on December 26, 2021

In this Sunday Rewind episode, we look back to when Product Leader, Matt Walton, shared 6 practical steps to creating good roadmaps. Read more »

The Ethical Challenges of Building Dating Apps

BY Ana Kirova on February 19, 2021

Dating apps occupy a strange place in our world. We operate within people’s intimate lives and as a product team, we build exceptional expertise on attitudes towards dating, sex and connection. This means we carry great responsibility and are always aware of the decisions we make. To us at Feeld, ethics have been something so Read more »