Creating and Marketing Cybersecurity Products by Richard Reiner

BY Andres Phillips on December 26, 2019

In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Richard Reiner, Executive Chairman at dfuse, takes us through various case studies and lessons learned from his experience building and marketing products in the cybersecurity space. His key points include: Creating a category at Assurent Surviving in a maturing market at Enomaly Consumer security at PasswordBox Creating a Category at Assurent […]

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Dude Who Stole My Engineering Capacity? By Mihnea Galeteanu and Jane Helman

BY Andres Phillips on December 23, 2019

What do you do if your engineering capacity is reduced by 30% each year? In this ProductTank Toronto talk, two members from the team at Points, Mihnea Galeteanu – Head of Product and Jane Helman – Head of Scrum, explain their coping strategy. While sharing an insightful story of a group of indigenous people in […]

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Making Better Business Decisions by Alan Smith

BY Andres Phillips on December 17, 2019

How well do you know validation? This is the question that Alan Smith, co-founder of Strategyzer, helps to answer in this ProductTank Toronto talk. He shows us: The new way to create a business plan How to use tools and frameworks Watch the video to see Alan’s talk in full. Or read on for an […]

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Managing Products at Scale by Lindsay Rothman

BY Andres Phillips on December 16, 2019

What’s next after you find product-market fit? In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Lindsay Rothman – Lead Product Manager at FreshBooks at the time, helps us to answer that question. She provides us with a guide on what to do in this situation by: Staying innovative Creating a framework for success Watch the video to see […]

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The Importance of Being Clear by Lindsey Jayne

BY James Gadsby Peet on December 13, 2019

In this #mtpcon London talk, Lindsey Jayne, former VP Product at Monzo, discusses the importance of writing clearly in order to make better decisions and diversify thinking. Key points There is too much noise in our working lives – we are bombarded by words and thoughts which are difficult to understand By being clearer in […]

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Hacking Your Product Career by Gibson Biddle

BY Gibson Biddle on December 12, 2019

As product leaders, we understand the value of experimentation. As we build products we develop hypotheses, execute experiments, then evaluate the results to determine what to do. But few product leaders apply this same rigor to their most important product: themselves. In this ProductTank San Francisco talk I describe how “Hacking Your Career” means embracing […]

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Mindset - Building Product Communities and Transforming Teams with Adam Warburton and Rosemary King

BY Rosemary King on December 10, 2019

Watch on YouTube | Watch on Vimeo | Listen on Soundcloud | View other Mindset episodes In the latest episode, Rosemary King, our Director of Training Products welcomes Adam Warburton to Mindset. Adam is currently Head of Digital Products at The Co-Op, one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives. He is also co-organiser of our MTP […]

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Haters, Our Product is Physical and Digital by Sophie Deen

BY Andres Phillips on December 10, 2019

In this talk at ProductTank London, get set for a giggle as Sophie Deen, CEO of Bright Little Labs, heartwarmingly takes us through her journey of building a product to help introduce computer science to children in the UK. She covers: Using mainstream entertainment to teach kids Building a product in a reactive way Watch […]

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Using the 3 T's to Curate a Customer First Culture by Shyna Zhang

BY Andres Phillips on December 9, 2019

In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Shyna Zhang, shows us how product marketing and product management can combine to create a customer-focused culture. Watch the video to see Shyna’s talk in full. Or read on for an overview of her key points. A product marketing and product management marriage The 3 T’s of customer obsession […]

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The Secret Sauce to Hiring Great Product People by Kate Leto

BY James Gadsby Peet on December 6, 2019

In this #mtpcon London talk, Kate Leto examines the importance of emotional intelligence in individuals and teams and asks how it can be used to make better hiring decisions. Key Points Emotional intelligence is more important than any of the technical skills we use in our roles If we want to build greater emotional intelligence […]

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