Using discovery methods to create products that people actually want by Jenny Shirey

BY Andres Phillips on June 14, 2021

Have you ever made a product or feature that no one wanted? In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Jenny Shirey, then Senior UX Manager at Splunk, explains how product people can avoid this problem by showing us how to use product discovery the right way. The key points of her talk include: We are not our users […] Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Rapid prototyping and product management by Tom Chi

BY Louron Pratt on June 13, 2021

Today we rewind back to 2015 at Mind the Product San Francisco. At this event, Tom Chi, founding partner at At One Ventures discusses the lessons he has learned during rapid prototyping. In his session, he shared key takeaways gained from integrating this into product management. Tom explains that creating a culture of learning is […] Read more »

Managing misaligned stakeholders

BY Andres Phillips on June 11, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this #mtpcon Digital APAC session, Product Leadership Consultant Rich Mironov explains how to prioritize ticket requests and define a strategy for dealing with misaligned stakeholders within an organization. As Rich points out, requests can come in various categories with different metrics and rationales. It’s, therefore, up to product managers to figure out a way to […] Read more »

Understanding the next 100m users in India by Akhil Jayaprakash

BY Andres Phillips on June 7, 2021

In this ProductTank Pune talk, Akhil Jayaprakash, senior product manager at Amazon, gives us a breakdown of what product managers need to know about the next 100m users in India, including their user personas, the challenges they face, and a sector already solving those problems. […] Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Transforming to a product culture

BY Louron Pratt on June 6, 2021

This weeks’ Sunday Rewind takes us back to 2017, where Silicon Valley Product Group partner Lea Hickman provides her perspective on how people work in the world of product. […] Read more »

How to deliver digital products in complex non-digital organisations by Keith Merriman

BY Andres Phillips on May 31, 2021

What constitutes real product experience? In this ProductTank London talk, Keith Merriman, Senior Product Owner at The AA, explains how to deliver complex products and three things that helped him during his career as a product manager. […] Read more »

Building the Decision-Making Habit by Benjamin Keyser

BY Andres Phillips on May 24, 2021

In this ProductTank Berlin talk, Benjamin Keyser, VP Product at Contentful, explains the importance of decision-making in taking a company from the startup stage to the scale-up stage. […] Read more »

Purpose-driven Product by Bruce Haldane

BY Jon Horvath on May 21, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this #mtpcon Digital APAC keynote, Bruce Haldane, Chief Product Officer at Gojek — Indonesia’s first unicorn and largest on-demand multi-service platform — discusses the importance of protecting the ecosystem through a global pandemic, and adapting to scale. Watch the talk in full or read on for the overview. Mind the Product members can also watch […] Read more »

Remote work in post-Covid times

BY Imogen Schels on May 19, 2021 for Prioritised Members

When the pandemic hit, product managers around the world were forced to adopt remote working practices. Since then, many have adapted well, while others find themselves fatigued by countless hours on Zoom calls, missing in-person collaboration, and ready for a return to the office. In this exclusive member panel Vice President of Product at Forbes, […] Read more »

The 3 stages of product development at a high growth tech company by Cameron Adams

BY Jon Horvath on May 14, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this #mtpcon Digital APAC keynote, Cameron Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva shares the strategic tools needed to understand and manage products through the various phases of an organisation’s growth. Watch the talk in full or read on for the overview. Mind the Product members can also watch the recordings of all our #mtpcon […] Read more »