Why product management in the enterprise is different

BY Hazel Raoult on October 25, 2022

In this guest post, Hazel Raoult delves into the key differences for product managers working in enterprise businesses. Read more »

QUICK READ: How do you innovate in a risk-averse environment?

BY Eira Hayward on January 17, 2022

Enterprise businesses are often risk-averse, making it challenging for a product manager trying to innovate. How do you work around the problem? How do you learn to sell the dream and encourage your risk-averse stakeholders to innovate with you? Read more »

Managing Internal Tools - Emily Patterson on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on March 10, 2021

There’s no glory in working on internal tools – no one ever gives you credit for success, it’s almost impossible to recruit for, and there’s never enough time to fix all of the things that are needed. It’s no wonder that we don’t talk about it very often. But they’re the key to making lots Read more »

Lifting the Feature Factory Boulder - Katie Saindon on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on February 3, 2021

Startups, scale-ups, and unicorns get all the press – but there are an awful lot more product people working at large organisations. Katie Saindon, Senior Manager of Product Management at GE Healthcare, is one of them. Working on their digital products and platforms, she’s learned a lot about how to survive and thrive in a Read more »

The Top Five Hidden Challenges of Enterprise Product Management

BY Pat Jenakanandhini on October 6, 2020

Product management is a field that continues to evolve from the early days of desktop software to where we are currently. Many companies like Pragmatic, 280 Group offer product management training and even certification. They do a great job in laying out fundamentals like personas, understanding your customer, market problems, requirements and so on. However, translating those Read more »

The Blind Spots of B2B Product Vendors (And How to Fix Them)

BY Manohar Sreekanth on August 6, 2020

One of the interesting things about developing software in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space is that you often don’t know what users need, even when you think you do. Such blind spots may not be entirely your fault. Early in my career, I developed a software distribution tool for a CRM solution that ran on the Read more »

Product In The Enterprise - Alicia Dixon on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on July 22, 2020

All the sexy stories around product management come from startups, or revolve around working like a startup. Working in an enterprise gets much less respect – but being successful in a large firm is no picnic. It takes a very particular set of skills to be able to communicate, influence, prioritise and execute at scale Read more »

Building Consumer-Grade Experiences for the Enterprise By Ciara Peter

BY Andres Phillips on May 12, 2020

What is enterprise software? Software used to satisfy the needs of an organization via its individual users. In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Ciara Peter, then Senior Director of Product at Box breaks down the enterprise growth funnel and explains how we can provide the best experiences for our customers. Watch the video to see Read more »

Building Communities That Work - Emily Webber on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on April 29, 2020

It can be tough, even at the best of times, to remain engaged at work – to find a community of people to share with and learn from. Emily Webber’s seen this in action and has started (and nurtured) successful communities both at work and at home. She joined us to continue where her 2018 Read more »

How can Enterprise Product Managers Attain Maximum Insight From Limited Datapoints?

BY Nancy Wang on January 14, 2019

Not surprisingly, when you’re looking for customer validation for B2B products, there simply aren’t as many datapoints to draw from in enterprise product management as there are for consumer products. Therefore, every interaction counts and your enterprise sales force becomes one of your closest allies when gathering requirements and validating product assumptions. The following are Read more »