Lessons learned from building data-driven product teams at Bloomberg Industry Group

BY Louron Pratt on March 22, 2024

Product teams are increasingly embracing a data-driven approach to craft exceptional customer experiences. We had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Kayode Dada, the Vice President of Product Experience at Bloomberg Industry Group, to understand his perspective on how organisations can adopt a data-centric approach to building great products. Read more »

How to lead data-centric product teams: Jon Mora (Chief AI Officer, Zefr)

BY Louron Pratt on February 23, 2024

In this Product Tank Bellevue talk, John Mora, Chief AI Officer at Zefr, offered a glimpse into the world of data-centric product management. Providing insights on leading teams, the best traits for data-centric product managers, and how to use LLMs effectively. Read more »

Demystifying data as a product

BY Supreet Kaur on December 12, 2023

In the era of technological advancement, businesses, from startups to industry giants, are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role data plays in shaping strategic decisions. Embrace the concept of “data as a product” and revolutionize the way you perceive, manage, and leverage your data assets. Read more »

An approach to a data-driven product launch

BY Jaskaran Sachdeva on November 16, 2023

In this guest post, Jaskaran Sachdeva, Product Manager at Carwow, discusses why I believe a data-driven approach is the most effective for product teams, unlike other, more knowledge and instinct-based approaches. Read more »

How data analytics can plan a pivotal role in your product strategy

BY Manoj Suryadevara on October 24, 2023

Product strategy is the blueprint for product development, marketing, and growth, outlining how a company plans to achieve its business goals. Let’s explore product strategy’s importance and explore why data analytics is a crucial component of this process. Read more »

Storytelling and driving accountability with data

BY James Gunaca on August 29, 2023

Product leader, James Gunaca, discusses how data-driven narratives, tailored context, and audience understanding can transform product managers into effective storytellers for better outcomes. Read more »

How to succeed as a product manager building developer experiences

BY Siddarth Ramadoss on August 25, 2023

Reflecting on his experiences in building consumer experiences for Windows in Microsoft and contrasting it with building data platforms for Azure and Snowflake, Product Leader, Siddarth Ramadoss shares insights into how to succeed as a product manager dealing with cloud-based products. Read more »

Strategies for developing data products with Sisense

BY Louron Pratt on August 11, 2023

In this spotlight session, sponsored by Sisense, Mia Isaacson, Senior Product Manager at Sisense, shares strategies for developing data products. Watch the video in full, or read on for the key points: Read more »

The power of data: How recommendation engines are driving business growth

BY Ishita Choudhary on July 21, 2023

Product manager and a data enthusiast Ishita Choudhary, looks into the intricacies of recommendation engines, and what impact this is having on overall business growth. Read more »

Data as a product - Omar Sallam on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on April 19, 2023

Data has been the talk of the town for product managers over the past few years. To provide some insights on data as a product, how to manage data products, and conclude whether it’s pronounced ‘Dayta’ or ‘Daata’, we spoke to data expert, Omar Sallam, Senior Product Manager at Read more »