Show your true innovative colours by Julia Shalet

BY Eira Hayward on September 27, 2022

In this ProductTank Heidelberg talk Product Doctor’s Managing Director Julia Shalet examines the attributes of an innovative product manager and looks at how to gauge whether you’re being innovative. […] Read more »

Innovating in insurance by Arnout Hemel

BY Andres Phillips on July 8, 2022

In this ProductTank Tokyo talk, Arnout Hemel, former Head of Product at ride hailing and food delivery business Grab, provides some insight into building products in the insurance industry. […] Read more »

Building a product organisation from scratch by Kevin Mansfield

BY Andres Phillips on June 10, 2022

In this ProductTank Wellington talk, Kevin Mansfield, CPO at Nomos One, provides an iterative approach that product managers can use to build a product organisation from scratch. Watch the video to see his talk in full, or read on for an overview of his key points […] Read more »

ProductTank Hamburg celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day

BY Tobias Freudenreich on June 1, 2022

On May 19, 2022, ProductTank Hamburg celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a hybrid event on the important topic of accessibility. The goal was to make the event itself as accessible as possible. For those who did not have the opportunity to be there live, we hereby publish the transcript along with the recording of the event. […] Read more »

How to make product decisions with transparency and trust by Ellen Gottesdierner

BY Andres Phillips on May 13, 2022

Healthy product decision-making is a sign of a healthy product team. In this ProductTank London talk, product coach Ellen Gottesdierner highlights some of the dysfunctions around decision making and offers ways to overcome them. […] Read more »

Fireside chat with Marty Cagan

BY Andres Phillips on May 6, 2022

In this ProductTank Zurich talk, Marty Cagan, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group sits down for a Fireside chat to answer questions about his career and advise other product managers. […] Read more »

Product management dysfunctions by Ben Foster

BY Andres Phillips on April 15, 2022

In this ProductTank London talk, Ben Foster, CPO at Whoop, explains some of the most common product management dysfunctions and how to solve them. His key points include: Common product management dysfunctions Why these dysfunctions exist How do you create a winning product strategy Watch the video to see his talk in full or read […] Read more »

How product teams can measure progress through outcome OKRs

BY Mareike Leitermann on March 15, 2022

Product Management coach and author Tim Herbig took ProductTank Amsterdam through a hands-on workshop to provide insights on how teams can measure progress through outcome OKRs. […] Read more »

Putting people at the heart of product led growth by Ian Booth

BY Andres Phillips on February 18, 2022

In this ProductTank London talk, Ian Booth, Senior Product Manager at EduMe, provides insight into the benefits of putting people at the heart of product-led growth. […] Read more »

Why roadmaps don't matter (that much) by Stephen Culligan

BY Louron Pratt on February 11, 2022

In this ProductTank Buenos Aires talk, Stephen Culligan, Head of Product at Prommt and former Product Manager at Pivotal Labs discusses how we can build better roadmaps by focusing on the bigger picture and pivoting our attention to strategy and vision. […] Read more »