Going beyond the Now-Next-Later roadmap with Phil Hornby

BY Eira Hayward on May 8, 2024

Product coach Phil Hornby gave an insightful presentation on roadmaps at ProductTank Cologne earlier this year, analysing different types of roadmaps and offering advice on what they should contain.  Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Sharpening your product craft as an internal product manager by Alison Hickson

BY Eira Hayward on March 31, 2024

In this week’s Sunday Rewind Alison Hickson talks about the changes in her work when she moved from an external product management role to an internal one. Read more »

How to lead data-centric product teams: Jon Mora (Chief AI Officer, Zefr)

BY Louron Pratt on February 23, 2024

In this Product Tank Bellevue talk, John Mora, Chief AI Officer at Zefr, offered a glimpse into the world of data-centric product management. Providing insights on leading teams, the best traits for data-centric product managers, and how to use LLMs effectively. Read more »

ProductTank Singapore: Fostering connections and building bridges in product

BY Louron Pratt on January 26, 2024

Explore the ins and outs of the product management realm in our latest ProductTank Spotlight. We’ve caught up with Shi En Wong, Senior Product Manager at Helicap, and the brains behind ProductTank Singapore, to get insights into what’s happening in the Singaporean product landscape and what lies ahead for the product community. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Changing direction whilst growing into uncertainty by Sam Reader

BY Eira Hayward on December 31, 2023

This 2021 ProductTank Birmingham talk from Sam Reader, Co-Founder and CEO at Wondr, shares challenges, lessons, and ‘aha’ moments from his team’s journey at Wondr and their quest to find product-market fit. Read more »

The future of product with Janna Bastow and James Mayes at ProductTank San Francisco

BY Ketaki Vaidya on November 21, 2023

The former co-founders of Mind the Product, Janna Bastow and James Mayes joined the community to deliver talks on redefining traditional roadmapping and building support for product professionals. Read on for a recap of their key points discussed. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Nailing product/market fit by Alan Chiu

BY Eira Hayward on August 27, 2023

Alan Chiu’s 2018 ProductTank San Francisco on nailing product/market fit Read more »

Collaborating with stakeholders to transform communication in healthcare by Jack Francis

BY Anna von Hagen on May 26, 2023

In this ProductTank Edinburgh talk, Jack Francis, founder and managing director of Pogo Digital Healthcare, talks about his experience in digital healthcare and how his product aims to enable better communication in the NHS. Read more »

World Product Day 2023: Learnings from around the globe

BY Louron Pratt on May 24, 2023

Today marks this year’s World Product Day! An occasion to celebrate product people from around the world who make it their core purpose to build great products. We figured there was no better way to celebrate than to look back over the past year at some of the best insights from our amazing ProductTanks around the world. Read more »

From 0 to 40+ million users by Amit Bhasin

BY Anna von Hagen on May 19, 2023

In this ProductTank Tokyo talk, Amit Bhasin, Head of Product Division at PayPay, outlines the product’s journey and shares his key learnings throughout the building process. Watch the talk in full, or read on for a summary of his main points. Read more »