Principles of rapid innovation

BY Vijay Panwar on April 11, 2024

Unlock the potential of Agile product management with actionable strategies to overcome challenges like backlog management and prioritization. Read more »

Managing feature requests: a guide for product managers

BY Eira Hayward on March 25, 2024

We’ve gathered together some of the best advice around to help you manage expectations and manage your feature requests successfully. Read more »

What does it take to be a Direct Company and to scale at the same time?

BY Shraddha Dubey on December 21, 2023

Shraddha Dubey, Sales Domain Product Leader at Autodesk, discusses how companies can successfully pursue digital transformation.   Read more »

Forgot something? Why MVP is more than just basic functionality

BY Ashley Vickers on December 13, 2023

Ashley Vickers, Senior Product Manager at TickX, discusses the process of building a cart abandonment feature and the importance of looking further than basic functionality during the development of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Read more »

How to F.A.I.L. better in product by Marc Abraham

BY Eira Hayward on November 16, 2023

Marc Abraham, Product Director at financial services business Backbase, shows us how to learn from our product mistakes and offers a framework for failing better Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: The promiscuous product manager by Jen Dante

BY Eira Hayward on October 22, 2023

This Sunday Rewind is an #mtpcon Singapore talk from Jen Dante on how product managers might change their behaviours to improve the chance that their predictions are correct. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: 8 lessons for adopting agile by Jonathan Smart

BY Louron Pratt on October 15, 2023

In this Sunday rewind, we look back to #mtpcon London+EMEA keynote in 2021. Jonathan Smart, Business Agility Coach and Author, shared some key lessons on ways of working by adopting agile to deliver better value, sooner, safer, and happier, offering lessons in creating an outcome-focused product culture. Read on to hear his eight key lessons. Read more »

Why customer centricity matters in product management

BY Ronke Majekodumni on October 5, 2023

How remarkable products – those that have changed us and made our lives easier, or even enhanced humanity – have been built to emphasize customer-centricity above all else Read more »

Launching a product from scratch: London highlights

BY Eira Hayward on October 2, 2023

Advice from #mtpcon keynotes on building a product from scratch Read more »

The great fallacy: “I’m the CEO of the product!"

BY Phillip Keiken on September 7, 2023

Why a product manager should embody many traits of a CEO, but they are not the CEO of the product Read more »