The hallmarks of good and poor B2B product teams

BY Deepak Deolalikar on October 13, 2023

Deepak Deolalikar, an experienced B2B product leader, discusses the key disciplines that good product teams must follow to find success in B2B products. Read more »

6 ways for product managers to drive GTM outcomes in B2B companies

BY Ankur Goel on April 21, 2023

Regardless of whether a B2B company adopts a ‘sales led’, ‘product led’ or ‘hybrid product led, sales assisted model, product managers play a pivotal role in providing an x-functional linkage between customers, sales and marketing org and engineers. In this post, Ankur Goel lists 6 critical ways that the best product managers provide the necessary linkage and add value in his guest post. Read more »

What B2B companies can learn from Duolingo's growth strategy

BY Nat Brown on April 19, 2023

As B2B companies build their PLG strategies, they can take lessons from how B2C companies have succeeded. In Pendo’s PLG Teardown web series, the panel of experts take a deep dive into how the app Duolingo has scaled growth so well and why it continues to delight users. Here’s what they learned. Read more »

How entitlement management supports the move to SaaS

BY Scott Niemann on November 8, 2022

In this guest post, Scott Niemann, director of product management at Revenera, looks at the practical ways in which software suppliers can streamline and strengthen the move to SaaS deployment for their software products. Read more »

Why product management in the enterprise is different

BY Hazel Raoult on October 25, 2022

In this guest post, Hazel Raoult delves into the key differences for product managers working in enterprise businesses. Read more »

August's top product management content

BY Louron Pratt on August 30, 2022

On Mind the Product this month, we saw popular articles ranging from London throwbacks to making better product decisions with evidence. Read on to check out our top 5 popular posts on Mind the Product this month. Read more »

The B2B Innovator's Map - How to get from idea to your first ten customers - free chapter!

BY Daniel Elizalde on August 16, 2022

What are the keys to creating innovative products for B2B customers? In his bestselling book, ‘The B2B Innovator’s Map – How to get from idea to your first ten customers’,  Product Executive & Advisor Daniel Elizalde delves into all the implications every Product Leader needs to consider. Below, you can read Chapter 1 of his Read more »

Successful B2B product management

BY Louron Pratt on March 24, 2022

In this Ask me Anything (AMA) session for Prioritised members, our line-up of experts shared their thoughts and insights on being successful in B2B product management. Read more »

Enterprise B2B product management by Jason Knight

BY Andres Phillips on December 24, 2021

In this ProductTak talk, Product Director Jason Knight provides some insight into enterprise product management for B2B companies, specifically startups and scale-ups selling products to large companies. Read more »

Secrets to successful B2B product management: Part 2

BY Eira Hayward on December 15, 2021

Continuing our look at how to be successful in B2B product management, we speak to senior product people to learn what they love about product management in a business-to-business environment, how it differs from B2C, their biggest challenges, and their advice for other B2B product people. Read more »