Improving emotional intelligence as a product leader with Kate Leto

BY Louron Pratt on November 6, 2023

We caught up with Kate Leto, product leadership coach, to talk about emotional intelligence, leadership, and coaching in product. Read on for some of her key insights. Read more »

Seven tactics to say no effectively

BY Greg Bayer on October 6, 2023

Product leader and regular Mind the Product contributor, Greg Bayer, delves into the art of saying no in product management. Read more »

4 coaching questions that every product manager should ask when stuck

BY Caroline Clark on August 10, 2023

Caroline Clark, Founder of Product Karma shares four questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck in a rut in product management. Read more »

Why product management needs more english majors

BY Greg Bayer on May 30, 2023

What does an English degree offer that’s so unique and valuable to the product manager role? Greg Bayer, Managing Director at Silver Ridge Advisors delves into the transferable skills that can be used in the product craft. Read more »

The most important soft skills for product managers

BY Assaph Mehr on January 24, 2023

This guest post written by Assaph Mehr, Head of Product at RecordPoint, delves into the most important soft skills for product managers. Read more »

Sharpening your product craft as an internal product manager by Alison Hickson

BY Andres Phillips on September 3, 2021

In this ProductTank London talk, Alison Hickson, head of product at Linktree, talks about the changes she made as she moved from being an external product manager to becoming an internal product manager. She shares some tips to help product managers understand and thrive in an internal product manager role. Watch the video to see Read more »

Product Accountability - Appraise Products Like a Manager

BY Courtland Halbrook on October 22, 2020

Performance reviews, evaluations, or appraisals are awful, and we need more of them. it’s time to recognize the need for Product teams to evaluate themselves based on the performance reviews of their products. This is meant to establish the mindset that in order to evaluate a Product Manager’s and Product Team’s performance it’s not about Read more »

Give Public Speaking a try and get Ready for a Bigger Stage

BY Petra Wille on November 15, 2018

We all love to attend product conferences and events like ProductTank. It’s where we learn, where we meet our tribe, and where we exchange experiences. But, as co-organiser for MTP Engage Hamburg (and I’m sure every other organiser of such events will agree), it’s hard to find speakers. It’s not hard to find people with Read more »

How Going Part-Time Made me a Better Product Manager

BY Jonathan Waddingham on April 18, 2018

In 2013, before Shared Parental Leave was a thing in the UK, I decided that I wanted to change my work-life balance from full-time to a four-day working week with one day of childcare. Here’s how it made me a better product manager. Read more »

Mirroring Product: a Breakdown of Process

BY Rosemary King on March 8, 2018

For the past year, as Director of Training Products for Mind the Product, I’ve been creating a training platform and service. During this time I’ve worked with dozens of companies and hundreds of product managers; hearing about their challenges, and working with them to set game plans for shifting practices. The one theme that has Read more »