The Move From Product to a Service Mindset

BY Andy Budd on May 26, 2017

In 1999, the economist Joseph Pine wrote a prophetic book which outlined a fundamental change in the way we live our lives. He provided ammunition for an emerging field in digital design, potentially signalling the death of product-centric thinking. Pine saw that it was becoming easier and easier to create products. The barriers, tariffs and specialist Read more »

Video: How Can a Product Influence Activity, Nutrition, and Lifestyle?

BY Janna Bastow on November 13, 2014

The theme of October’s ProductTank was, Every Product is a Service Waiting to Happen. In this video, Paul Landau addresses how a product can influence activity, nutrition, and lifestyle. Paul is the CEO and Founder of Fitbug, which he formed 2004, and 9 years on delivers a range of wellness solutions through a platform to Read more »