Hypothesis Driven Validation By Nate Archer

BY Andres Phillips on April 24, 2020

In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Nate Archer, now Senior Product Manager at Ada shares with us a systematic approach to validating an idea by breaking it down into testable hypotheses. His key points include: Origins Purpose and Value Process Case Study Watch the video to see his talk in full. Or read on for an overview Read more »

How Uniregistry Used Smoke Testing in Product Validation: A Case Study

BY Bartosz Mozyrko on February 13, 2020

It’s said that more than two-thirds of software projects fail to deliver expected results. As a result, the team at Uniregistry decided to take a new approach to product validation in an attempt to avoid the same fate. Here’s how they used smoke tests to explore a new opportunity. Overview This case study describes a part Read more »