Once upon a product: How storytelling techniques can help your product shine

BY Mohammad Vaghef on June 6, 2023

In this post, Mohammad Vaghef runs through some storytelling techniques that can be used to make products more memorable and engaging Read more »

How to deal with cognitive bias in Product - Part 1

BY Christine Itwaru on June 5, 2023

In the first of a two-part series, Mind the Product’s Principal Strategist Christine Itwaru examines different forms of cognitive bias and looks at what product managers can do to combat them Read more »

From LaLa Land to The Matrix: Can AI replace product management?

BY Jing Hu on June 2, 2023

In this post Jing Hu looks at the astounding pace of the evolution of AI and how the marriage of human expertise with AI capabilities could potentially revolutionize the way we manage products Read more »

Product management and fatherhood

BY Titus Chereches on June 1, 2023

Does being a parent make you a better product manager and vice versa? Titus Chereches thinks so, and here he explains why My wife Adnana and I are blessed with two lovely children: Ravi, who is three, and Lucas, who is six months old. Our days and nights are full and we try to cherish Read more »

Top product management reads in May

BY Eira Hayward on May 31, 2023

AI, chatbots and ChatGPT have dominated our postings this month, as we assimilate the implications of machine learning technology on our daily lives and our work. Here’s a roundup of the most-read posts on the Mind the Product blog in May. Read more »

Six outstanding speakers to look forward to at #mtpcon San Francisco

BY Eira Hayward on May 30, 2023

Whether you’re coming to the conference to understand more about product leadership, AI, the latest thinking on experience metrics, psychological safety or anything else, this year’s exceptional lineup of keynote talks will have something for you. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: The PMwheel – a compass for the product manager development journey

BY Eira Hayward on May 21, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind goes back to a 2020 post from product coach Petra Wille that explains her framework “The PMwheel”, and how to use it to understand a product manager’s responsibilities. Read more »

Interviewing customers: the art of asking questions

BY Eira Hayward on May 15, 2023

Maybe you work somewhere where user research is done by a specialist team, maybe you’re new to product management, maybe you’re looking into a possible new product, maybe your sales people are very protective of their contacts. There are several reasons why a product manager might be a step or two removed from direct contact with customers.

Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: The psychology behind successful products by Nathalie Nahai

BY Eira Hayward on May 7, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind is a #mtpcon San Francisco talk by author and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai called The psychology behind successful products. Read more »

We are all in debt - so what? by Nick Barbariyskiy

BY Anna von Hagen on April 28, 2023

In this ProductTank Prague talk, Nick Barbariyskiy, managing partner and tech lead of Applifting, covers the ins and outs of tech debt and how to manage it. Read more »