Navigating different org sizes as a product leader

BY Liz Clow on June 20, 2023

Product leader Liz Clow introduces an holistic approach to product leadership, covering strategy, customer centricity, agility, leadership, and execution Read more »

Lessons in fearless leadership

BY Eira Hayward on May 30, 2022

Ronke Majekodunmi, currently Senior Product Manager for Large Enterprise at PayPal, has a lot of sound advice about how to lead cross-functional teams fearlessly as a product manager. They’re the lessons she’s learned from a career to date which has seen her always strive to inspire and to do the right thing by other people. Read more »

How to Cultivate Adaptive Product Leadership, by Jenn Kim & Sabin Sadeh

BY Andres Phillips on August 24, 2020

In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Jenn Kim and Sabin Sadeh, Product Leads at Potato, share a method for how product managers can recognize when things aren’t going according to plan and get things back on track. Watch the video to see their talk in full. Or read on for an overview of their key points: Effective product Read more »

How do you Help a Business to see the Value of Product?

BY Eira Hayward on July 13, 2020

In Mind the Product’s state of product management survey last year we noticed a strong theme – umpteen respondents said that their biggest challenge was to get the business to see the value of product. With this in mind we’ve asked some product leaders about how they do this, the problems and sticking points they’ve Read more »

The Product of You by Melissa Perri

BY Jon Horvath on March 20, 2020

In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, Melissa Perri describes how you should start investing energy in “the product of you” and plan your career ascent to product leader. Key Points: Skills you learn as a junior product person can translate well into the C-suite You should look for opportunities to diversify your skill set There is Read more »

How to Lead a High-performing Product Team

BY Michael Morris on March 10, 2020

As a product leader, what qualities do you need to cultivate to be able to ensure your team performs to the best of its abilities? Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about teams – what is a team, team formation and development, cross-functional teams, and leading teams. I think we can all agree that not Read more »

4 Keys to Empowering Your Product Team

BY Jessica Hall on May 21, 2019

Empowerment. It’s a word that business leaders often use to fire up their teams. But in all likelihood it causes those teams to groan, and not just because it’s a management buzzword. So why does something that is supposed to be good go wrong? It goes something like this: The organization is growing and the Read more »

Product Management, a Risky Business by Lucie McLean

BY Graeme Goulden on April 26, 2019

Lucie McLean, Head of Children’s Product at the BBC, kicked off her #mtpengage Manchester talk with a nostalgic trip involving TV character Mr Benn – who keeps going back to the same costume shop to equip himself for a party which he may or may not attend. He always comes back with some evidence of the Read more »

5 Tips for Product Managers to Ensure Success on Every Project

BY Drew Falkman on January 21, 2019

As product managers our job description is pretty simple: to make all of our software development projects succeed. In fact, I would go so far as to say any failures or successes of the team are failures or successes of product management. While the product manager is not the manager of the team per se, Read more »