Addressing your team’s discovery gaps to build valuable, viable solutions

BY Tracey Thompson on June 4, 2024

Discover how to identify and address discovery gaps in your product development process. Learn strategic interventions to mitigate risks, align with customer needs, and ensure successful outcomes with thorough assumption testing and Opportunity Solution Trees. Read more »

Reversing Teresa Torres’ “Opportunity Solution Tree” to find the “why” behind solutions 

BY Tracey Thompson on May 28, 2024

Discover the value of the Opportunity Solution Tree framework for uncovering insights behind a solution. Learn how to align your team and ensure successful outcomes in just a day or two. Read more »

Failing forward: Killing your first product

BY Oleg Pravdin on January 25, 2024

This piece highlights the learnings gained by sunsetting your first product, sharing the lessons learnt in the process. Read more »

3 principles for building great digital health products

BY Ravi Katragadda on December 29, 2023

This article explores 3 strategies for optimizing user comprehension, incorporating delight, and ensuring reliability in digital health apps. Read more »

Deep dive: How to make product discovery a habit

BY Doerthe Ramin on September 21, 2023

Inspired by Teresa Torres’ ‘Continuous Discovery Habits’ (2021), Martin Lehner and Doerthe Ramin delve into the art of building lasting habits within organizations and among product leaders. Read more »

This is not the time for nice-to-have products

BY Sharon Feldstein on March 21, 2023

Product leader Sharon Feldstein talks about building nice-to-have products and features as our main product offering – why we need to avoid it, especially in times of financial uncertainty.  Read more »

February's top product management content

BY Eira Hayward on February 28, 2023

From case studies to pricing strategies and career advice, February was another month of wide-ranging articles from Mind the Product, with something for everyone, no matter where they are in their product career. Read on to catch up on popular content that you may have missed. Read more »

A case study: How our own product discovery made us pivot Reveall towards product discovery

BY Ferdinand Goetzen on February 6, 2023

In this post, startup CEO Ferdinand Goetzen relates how product discovery led him and his team to adjust their thinking, pivot and change their product  Overview We started Reveall in 2021 as a platform to empower UX teams to do more with their customer research insights. As we sought to navigate some of the most Read more »

Unusual business in the product discovery stage by Kristian Collin Berge

BY Ian Haynes on January 27, 2023

In this ProductTank Oslo talk, Kristian Collin Berge, Founder of UX Signal shares an example of early-stage product discovery and what the usual problems are. Watch the video to see him talk in full, or read on for an overview of the key points! Read more »

How to find out what your customers want by Janet Bumpas

BY Ian Haynes on January 6, 2023

In this ProductTank Oslo talk, product consultant and coach Janet Bumpas explains the key aspect of a product hero: building a product that customers love. What are products exactly? Are they a blend of features unified in a central theme? Are they tools to complete certain jobs or enhance users’ living standards? Or are products simply Read more »