Lessons learned from leading products at Forbes

BY Louron Pratt on August 16, 2023

What does it take to lead the product vision, strategy, and digital transformation journey at global media company, Forbes? We caught up with Lauren Soni, VP of Product Development at Forbes to find out about her key lessons learned.

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Deep dive: How to deal with cognitive bias in product – Part 2

BY Christine Itwaru on July 31, 2023

In part two of this deep dive, Mind the Product’s and Pendo’s Principal Strategist Christine Itwaru discusses common biases in product management careers, like authority, recency, availability, survivorship, and bandwagon effect. Read more »

AI startups: a frothy market or a bubble that could burst?

BY Eira Hayward on July 24, 2023

AI products are entering the market at an accelerated pace. What do investors have to say about the rising number of AI startups entering the field? Read more »

The importance of psychological safety for remote teams by Diana Stepner

BY Louron Pratt on July 3, 2023

In this #mtpcon SF keynote, Diana Stepner, Head of Product, Education at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, shared insights on the importance of psychological safety for remote teams. Watch the video in full, or read on for a recap of her key takeaways. Read more »

The magic of making great products with Christian Idiodi

BY Louron Pratt on June 19, 2023

In the opening keynote talk at #mtpcon San Francisco 2023, Christian Idiodi, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, led an engaging session on the art of building magical products. Watch the video in full, or read on for a recap of this insightful talk. Read more »

Is a product-led approach right when budgets get cut? by Dave Martin

BY Dave Martin on May 9, 2023

In his column, product leader Dave Martin explores adopting a product-led approach during times of turbulence.  Read more »

Deep dive: Navigating uncertainties as a product manager by Lara Kulesh

BY Lara Kulesh on May 8, 2023

In an ever-evolving tech landscape, product managers must skillfully navigate uncertainties to achieve success. Product Leader Lara Kulesh discusses how we can respond to unforeseen circumstances in product management.  Read more »

Deep dive: Revolutionising product management with ChatGPT

BY Jing Hu on May 1, 2023

This deep dive guest post written by Senior Global Product Manager, Jin Hu, delves into the opportunities that lie ahead for product managers with the arrival of ChatGPT and other advances in AI. Read more »

How to use existing product documentation to generate marketing materials using AI

BY Glo Robinson on April 25, 2023

A step-by-step guide to generating accurate marketing materials with your existing product documentation and AI. Read more »

How do you fix an underperforming product team?

BY Eira Hayward on April 24, 2023

The issues with an underperforming product team: Advice from experienced product leaders on actions to take Read more »