Nate Walkingshaw: Tackling the challenges of physical products

BY Eira Hayward on October 27, 2023

We talk to serial entrepreneur Nate Walkingshaw about the challenges of developing physical products and how his latest venture might help to solve the climate crisis Read more »

The Importance of Product Specifications

BY Chris Massey on May 27, 2016

In this final talk from “How Best To Manage Physical Products”, Fergus Christie from the Product Development Centre (PDC) talks about going “From Ideas to Reality”, and the attention to detail require to make products – particularly physical products – a reality. Specifically, he reiterates a simple but critical idea – that the process of creating a Read more »

From Concept to Production - How Nissan Creates Cars

BY Chris Massey on May 26, 2016

Alec Patterson comes from a design and test engineering background, and spoke at ProductTank London about how Nissan goes from designing the initial concept for a new vehicle to actually putting it into production. Setting the concept of the vehicle To start with, the team will benchmark and assess competitor vehicles, assess the target market, expand Read more »

Hardware Products - From Idea to Execution

BY Chris Massey on May 24, 2016

Eduardo Aguilar Pelaez explores some of the challenges of managing physical products, specifically taking products from idea to execution. Eduardo works on Sherlock – OneFineStay’s keyless entry system which home-owners can control remotely from anywhere in the world, and which allows control of doors without having to install any hardware in the communal area of shared Read more »