SUNDAY REWIND: Predictive tech and data ethics: Part 1 – the pros and cons

BY Eira Hayward on June 4, 2023

An examination of the risks associated with predictive tech, and potential routes forward for product people as they consider how to deal with the ethical issues associated with designing products. Read more »

October Roundup: Data Ethics, Values, Building Empowered Product Teams, Scaling and More

BY Imogen Schels on October 30, 2020

During the month of October, we put the spotlight on data ethics, living up to our values, how to build empowered product teams, and how to scale successfully. But that’s not all. October also delivered a handy professional development framework courtesy of Petra Wille. So, if you’re a member who’s keen to catch up on Read more »

Predictive Tech and Data Ethics: Part 1 - the Pros and Cons

BY Eira Hayward on October 9, 2020

As someone once said, technology companies are quick to focus on what they can do, but not so quick to examine “the how they do it”. Predictive technology may be speeding up digital transformation and be an integral part of our digital lives, but it comes with implications for data privacy and the potential to Read more »