Sponsor a Product Management Event

Want to reach a dedicated worldwide audience of Product Managers? By sponsoring an event or advertising on MindTheProduct you get access to just such an audience. By sponsoring an event or advertising you can:

  • Showcase your brand to the most influential product managers, thought leaders and designers in the UK, US, AsiaPac region, and around the world,
  • Become an employer of choice for hard-to-fill product management roles,
  • Get access to c-level product leaders, decision makers and influencers from both the startup and corporate world
  • Position your company as a cornerstone of the product management community

One of the most engaging conferences we’ve been to in terms of delegates actively approaching and conversing with sponsors.
Terrence Caldwell - Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Sponsorship Options

Mind the Product Exhibitors Hall


ProductTank is held in 170+ cities around the world with over 100,000 members. The largest, ProductTank London, is held monthly and sells out at 450 people per event. Each event has an overarching theme for the night and one exclusive sponsor.

ProductTank is also held all over the world, if you are interested in sponsoring a ProductTank event get in touch via sponsor@mindtheproduct.com.

What Our Sponsors Say

ProductTank did a fantastic job organizing and running the product manager meetup we sponsored. Professionally run, well attended and great follow up from the ProductTank team after the event.
Tim Cederman-Haysom - Director of Product at SurveyMonkey

Mind the Product Conferences

Mind the Product is the world's largest conference for product managers, designers, and developers with annual conferences in San Francisco and London attracting over 1,500 attendees each from all over the world.

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities, so get in touch at sponsor@mindtheproduct.com

What Our Sponsors Say

It’s been fantastic. This is the best conference experience I’ve ever had.
John Wetenhall - Marketing Manager at Atlassian