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October Roundup: Data Ethics, Values, Building Empowered Product Teams, Scaling and More


During the month of October, we put the spotlight on data ethics, living up to our values, how to build empowered product teams, and how to scale successfully. But that’s not all. October also delivered a handy professional development framework courtesy of Petra Wille.

So, if you’re a member who’s keen to catch up on all this great content or if you’re not yet signed up and are keen to understand what membership has to offer you, here’s all the membership content from this month.

The PMwheel – a Compass for the Product Manager Development Journey

POPULAR: Whether you’re looking to refresh the career conversations you have with your direct reports or are you a practising product manager who’s keen to evaluate your own skills, in this post, Petra Wille offers a solution with a step-by-step guide to her framework The PMwheel.

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Firing Trump: A Lesson in How to Live Up to Your Values

In September Hotjar fired the Trump campaign as a client for contravening its company values.

We made the decision that we would like to be able to stop working with sites based on a second-order effect of who they represent.

Hotjar’s CTPO Mohannad Ali tells us why it was such an important decision for the business.

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How Product in APAC Has Adapted During COVID

In this video, Colin Pal, the former CPO at Caterspot, sheds light on the product scene in APAC right now. From the challenge of job hunting during COVID to exciting product innovations in the region.

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Predictive Tech and Data Ethics Series

Part 1. The Pros and Cons

Learn how to address the risks and ethical issues associated with predictive technology.

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Part 2.  How to Operationalise Data Ethics

Our experts share a strategic, 12-step framework, designed to help product managers go beyond feel-good statements and start operationalising data ethics.

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Marty Cagan on Empowering Product Teams

In this video, Marty Cagan covers a range of topics but the core focus is on empowered teams. From his book Empowered and how to organise teams to empower them to ways to influence leadership to empower their teams, and why this way of working is such a challenge.

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Building And Scaling Empowered Teams

In this AMA session, exclusively for MTP Leaders, Nate Walkingshaw reveals some of the tough leadership lessons he learned early on in his career, how to build and scale a culture of trust, and why he wishes we’d all stop using the word ‘failing’.

Do you have to learn to succeed? Yes. 100%.  Does it look like failure? Yep, it does. Nate Walkingshaw

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