The critical role of customer voice in product management

BY Prashant Mahajan on May 21, 2024

In this article, Prashant Mahajan, Founder of, explores the importance of the voice of customer, the challenges of integrating customer feedback, and effective strategies to navigate these challenges for sustained innovation and growth. Read more »

Why traditional product management may not work for Gen Z users

BY Chetan Zawar on May 17, 2024

In this article, Chetan Zawar, a product lead at TikTok, explores the evolution of product management in the digital age, highlighting differences between Millennials and Gen Z in technology use and values. He advocates for an updated approach that emphasizes authenticity, ethical practices, and rapid adaptation based on user feedback to cater to the nuanced needs of both generations. Read more »

Build Relationships With Your Customers - Fabrice des Mazery on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on June 24, 2020

Over the course of lockdown, how we maintain relationships with our nearest and dearest has been tested. But Fabrice des Mazery, CPO at Thiga, suggests the skills we’ve honed during this time can actually be useful in building relationships with our customers. In this episode, sponsored by Amplitude, he draws on his experience at Deezer, Read more »