Customer-led product strategy: a guide

BY Alyona Medelyan on October 5, 2022

Customer-led product strategy is about designing the best product experience. This article by Alyona Medelyan, Ph.D. CEO and co-founder of Thematic shares how to approach it and how to avoid the common pitfalls. Read more »

Progressive product development: release products that deliver by Split

BY Louron Pratt on August 5, 2022

In this #mtpcon SF+Americas 2022 Spotlight session, sponsored by Split Tu Nguyen, Practice Director of Data & Experimentation & Danielle Glass, Sr. Manager of Product Success talked about the agile mindset and how it can be applied to effective product management. Read more »

Rerun: Using retros to create continuous improvement – Matt Walton on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on June 15, 2022

Matt Walton was one of the founders of FutureLearn, where he scaled the product team and organisation from nothing to the significant player in online education that it is today. He joins us on the podcast to level up our retro game. Read more »

The most effective channels to gain customer feedback: Part 2

BY Andriy Zapisotskyi on January 13, 2022

We previously looked at the most effective channels to use to gain customer feedback. In the next part of this two-part series, we’ll be delving into the best ways to summarise and process it.  Read more »

The most effective channels to gain customer feedback: Part 1 of 2

BY Andriy Zapisotskyi on December 21, 2021

The term “customer development” is attracting not only startups that create digital products but also offline businesses owners. In this post, we explain why it is so important, and share several ways to collect it. Read more »

Communicating Research with Pace Layer Mapping by Adrian Howard

BY Helene Sanchez on February 26, 2021

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital session, Product Coach Adrian Howard introduces Pace Layer Mapping, a practice to help product teams communicate and align around user research, sharing the messy story of how the practice evolved. Watch the 20-minute session in full, or read on for the overview. A Messy Journey Begins Adrian Howard’s vocation Read more »

How The Growing Importance of Customer Retention is Changing Product Management

BY Matei Culcer on September 24, 2020

The SaaS industry is undergoing a quiet revolution. Competition is increasing, products are becoming less differentiated, customers are becoming less loyal, and the cost of acquiring new customers is rising year after year. It’s within this landscape that retaining existing users has become just as important as acquiring new ones. This article focuses on the Read more »

Beware the Tyranny of Customer Feedback

BY Adam Thomas on September 3, 2020

The customer is always right – right? This adage – one that many of us grew up with – is a guiding principle of product development. If we can just listen to the customer – if we just give them what we want, our path to product success can’t be too far off. Isn’t that Read more »

How to avoid market feedback traps

BY Aaron Kechley on September 2, 2019

Should you always listen to market feedback? Aaron Ketchley considers the question and how product manager’s can avoid common B2B market feedback traps. Read more »

How can Enterprise Product Managers Attain Maximum Insight From Limited Datapoints?

BY Nancy Wang on January 14, 2019

Not surprisingly, when you’re looking for customer validation for B2B products, there simply aren’t as many datapoints to draw from in enterprise product management as there are for consumer products. Therefore, every interaction counts and your enterprise sales force becomes one of your closest allies when gathering requirements and validating product assumptions. The following are Read more »