Do Things That Don't Scale by Colleen Graneto

BY Eira Hayward on March 1, 2021

In this talk to ProductTank Cardiff, Colleen Graneto, a product manager at Airbnb, looks at learning and doing things that don’t scale. Colleen starts with a quote from Airbnb founder Brian Chesky: “At Y-Combinator we were challenged to do things that don’t scale – to start with the perfect experience for one person, then work Read more »

Three things Airbnb could have done to avoid #ransackgate

BY Martin Eriksson on August 1, 2011

The billion dollar start up Airbnb is in the midst of a battle for it’s brand reputation as stories of trashed homes are revealed in what has become known as #ransackgate. A lot has already been written about this, but most of the coverage has centred on the seemingly uncoordinated response from their customer support Read more »