AI and Product Strategy - Andrew Martinez-Fonts (VP Product, Honeysales)

BY Alyson Newby on July 23, 2024

Andrew Martinez-Fonts, VP of product at Honeysales, is a veteran product manager and leader with experience at companies like Yelp, eBay, Prosper, and Silver Spring Networks. He joined the Pendomonium + #mtpcon Roadshow last month to discuss AI’s role in product strategy. Watch the video in full, or read on for key takeaways from his talk! Read more »

Product survey findings: Only 15% of users are embracing AI features 

BY Louron Pratt on July 17, 2024

Who is leading the race to develop AI products? In May, we surveyed product people around the globe to learn how the community is leveraging AI in their personal work and the products they provide to users.  The survey found an interesting dichotomy. While European and North American product people are equally as likely to Read more »

GenAI: The holy grail of product personalisation by Joe Futty - Pendomonium+#mtpcon roadshow: Amsterdam 2024

BY Eira Hayward on June 26, 2024

Check out our full write-up of the opening talk at the Pendomonium+#mtpcon roadshow in Amsterdam! The keynote session, led by Joe Futty, VP of Product at, offered valuable insights into learnings from using Gen AI for personalisation. Read more »

A no-code approach to building MVPs 

BY Hardik Chawla on May 16, 2024

The article explores how no-code and low-code development platforms empower product managers to build and launch MVPs without extensive coding knowledge. I have layered insights from my own experience in working with these tools as well. Read more »

Can AI tools address product manager performance paradox? 

BY Balaji Ananthanpillai on May 10, 2024

Read how AI revolutionizes product management, streamlining processes and empowering managers to foster high-performance teams. Read more »

Data-driven time management for product managers

BY Julia Ryzhkova on May 6, 2024

Product Lead, Julia Ryzhkova launched an initiative to analyze work calendars. Personally, she found out that she spent 1573 hours in meetings last year, with 70% initiated by herself. In this article, she shares her insights and tips on data-driven time management. Read more »

Building products with trust and safety in the age of AI

BY Anuja More on April 25, 2024

Anuja More, a Product lead at Meta, draws from her experience developing conversational experiences on WhatsApp, sharing insights on how product managers can build a secure environment for their user community. Read more »

AI in healthcare: The promise and peril of transformation with a safety-first approach

BY Ramakrishnan Neelakandan on April 19, 2024

For all its promise, integrating AI into healthcare demands a safety-first mindset. This article looks at why we must prioritize patient well-being, navigate ethical complexities, and address potential risks to fully realize the positive impact of this technology. Read more »

Product management in the age of AI: Friend or foe? It's complicated

BY Matthew Olugbemi on April 4, 2024

AI has transformative power in product management for automation, personalization, and strategic insights. Adesanjo Matthew Olugbemi, Senior Product Manager at Gumtree, explains how he explored the potential of AI-powered solutions for automated content moderation and fraud detection at Gumtree and shares the learnings. Read more »

Product craft in the age of AI

BY Yana Welinder on March 27, 2024

With artificial intelligence now becoming human-like, Kraftful CEO Yana Welinder looks at how we should adapt to a future where AI surpasses human intelligence Read more »