How I got my job in product - Alexandra Craciun

BY Louron Pratt on October 6, 2021

Alexandra Craciun is a senior product manager at the Ministry of Justice (Moj) Digital and Platforms. She was previously at Sainsbury’s as a product manager. Here’s how she got into product. Roles and responsibilities I’m part of a team formed of 4 DevOps Engineers, 2 Python Engineers and a Delivery Manager. My typical day usually […] Read more »

Simple steps to effective product research - Part 2: Getting it right

BY Eira Hayward on October 5, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In the first of this 2-part series on product research, we look at how to get started with product research and at some golden rules to makes sure it goes well (read Simple steps to effective product research – Part 1: Getting started). I part 2, we look at what commonly goes wrong, how to […] Read more »

Simple steps to effective product research - Part 1: Getting started

BY Eira Hayward on October 4, 2021 for Prioritised Members

As C Todd Lombardo, VP of Product and Experience at Openly, explained in his Prioritised AMA, Performing Effective User Research, product research done well can help you to avoid making a whole load of bad product decisions. But what are the practical steps you need to take to perform research well? In this 2-part, quick read […] Read more »

Transition from a Feature Factory to Business Impact team by Sandra Hinz

BY Andres Phillips on October 1, 2021

In this ProductTank Berlin talk, Sandra Hinz and Rainer Collet, co-founders at ValueRebels, provide a framework to help solve some typical challenges in a product organization and avoid wasting months of work. Watch the video to see their talk in full, or read on for an overview of the key points: Typical challenges in a product […] Read more »

Quick read: Learning to negotiate — when, why and how

BY Eira Hayward on September 20, 2021 for Prioritised Members

Discover why negotiation is such an important skill to master and how you can improve your ability to negotiate with confidence. […] Read more »

A product manager's guide to customer development

BY Eira Hayward on September 6, 2021 for Prioritised Members

The Customer Development framework was developed by Steve Blank as part of the Lean Startup methodology. But what is it? Who’s involved and what are the secrets to success? We spoke to Steve himself to find out. Discover the answers to these questions and some simple dos and don’ts. In brief Customer development uses many […] Read more »

Sharpening your product craft as an internal product manager by Alison Hickson

BY Andres Phillips on September 3, 2021

In this ProductTank London talk, Alison Hickson, head of product at Linktree, talks about the changes she made as she moved from being an external product manager to becoming an internal product manager. She shares some tips to help product managers understand and thrive in an internal product manager role. Watch the video to see […] Read more »

How I applied my Product Management skills in my transition to people manager

BY Dani Sastre on September 2, 2021

After seven years working in product, I had the opportunity to become People Manager. Using the skills and knowledge I got over the years working with products, I framed this change in familiar terms that helped me in the transition: SWOT analysis, Vision, Product Lifecycle, Market fit… Whether you’re considering taking a similar step in […] Read more »

5 Tips for Product Managers: Membership Only Content Sneak Peek (August)

BY Imogen Schels on August 31, 2021

Every month, product experts from around the world share their ideas and insights in our Prioritised and MTP Leader content and every month we recap some of their finest tips. So, whether you’re a member who’d love a quick recap or a non-member who’d love a glimpse inside some of our membership content, we’ve got you covered. […] Read more »

5 difficult conversations and how to have them

BY Eira Hayward on August 30, 2021 for MTP Leader Members

Sunsetting a product, poor performance, telling leadership something they won’t want to hear — these are all tricky conversations that many of us have to have. Difficult conversations come with the territory when you’re a product leader, so what’s the best way to handle them? In this post, we’re guided by Denise Jacobs, the author […] Read more »