The ten truths of customer-centric product teams

BY Leslie Grandy on January 23, 2024

Discover the 10 principles to be a successful customer-centric product team to drive positive customer outcome and increased loyalty. Read more »

Demystifying product thinking: A guide to user-centric innovation

BY Sid Saladi on January 18, 2024

A comprehensive guide unpacking everything about product thinking, from fundamental concepts to practical frameworks and tools. Read more »

User journey optimization

BY Dhia Eddine Bouali on December 26, 2023

Learn the mathematical analysis behind effective user experience design, ensuring your website or app remains user-friendly and results-driven. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: 8 rules for flow in product

BY Louron Pratt on December 3, 2023

Earlier this year, Ebenezer Diagi, Product Manager and Designer at ZIMVEST wrote a great guest post for Mind the Product on engaging your users through flow. In this Sunday’s rewind, we look back to this engaging piece. Read on for a quick recap. Read more »

The experience IS the product

BY Phillip Keiken on September 19, 2023

What if you cannot touch or feel your product? What if your product is more than a product? What if your product is the experience itself? Let’s start with a step back and review the age-old definition of Product. In its essence, a product can be defined as a tangible or intangible item or entity Read more »

Measuring the user experience by Tomer Sharon

BY Eira Hayward on June 26, 2023

In this #mtpcon San Francisco 2023 keynote, Tomer Sharon Co-founder and CXO at workplace experience platform anywell, talks about measuring the user experience and the advantages of high-level metrics. Watch the video in full of read on for his key points.  Read more »

How to redefine personalisation for your users

BY Shaan Bassi on June 9, 2023

Trouble is brewing in product personalisation, and it starts with user feedback. Shaan Bassi, Cofounder & CEO of product analytics platform Kouo discusses the state of user personalisation and provides a solution to unlock the potential of personalisation. Read more »

Why customer support is a vital part of brand promise

BY Rob Armstrong on May 25, 2023

Customer success and support are an imperative part of the overall user experience of a product. In this post, Rob Armstrong explains how product and customer teams can work together to create an effective product strategy.  Read more »

The power of user-centered design: Putting your customers first

BY Roxanne Rosewood on May 16, 2023

In this article, UX Consultant, Roxanne Rosewood, explores the power of user-centered design and its impact on product development. Read more »

Rethinking the user experience with Tomer Sharon

BY Louron Pratt on May 10, 2023

Tomer Sharon, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at anywell, has a wealth of experience in various User Experience (UX) functions. In a recent interview with us, he shared his journey into UX and what he will speak about at #mtpcon San Francisco 2023 on June 14. Read more »