Self-care and stress management for product leaders by Dominique Jost

BY Eira Hayward on October 20, 2021

In this interactive and highly personal talk from #mtpengage Hamburg, product leader Dominique Jost looks at ways in which product leaders can take care of their mental health. His key points include: Product people need to be able to protect who they are in a way that lets them create value for the business. Stress Read more »

Stress management for product leaders — the time is now

BY Eira Hayward on September 13, 2021

A “bulletproof soul”. For Executive Product Leader, Dominique Jost, this is the perfect way to describe what product leaders need in order to do their jobs well. And, over the last stressful 18 months, any product leaders who hadn’t yet developed one, probably had to do so pretty quickly. This topic — stress management for Read more »

Lucia Adams on Burnout: the Signs, Symptoms, and Strategies

BY Eira Hayward on September 18, 2020

Lucia Adams knows a lot about burnout: she’s not afraid to admit that she once fell victim to it. A past ProductTank speaker, Lucia is a consultant and executive coach who specialises in helping organisations take a human-centred approach to evolve their ways of working. Her experience of burnout has been a steep learning curve Read more »

Mental Health as a Product Person - Let's Talk

BY Saielle DaSilva on October 10, 2019

This post was originally written ahead of World Mental Health Day in October 2019 because we both struggle with mental health and we feel it’s important to speak out and reflect on the issue of mental health at work. In this blog, we’ll share our own personal experiences, and consider how mental health problems such Read more »