Breaking Into Product - Shaun Russell on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on June 17, 2020

Berlin-based Product Coach Shaun Russell was always destined to work in Product. He co-founded Audiobubble while still in school and gave himself all the responsibilities of a Product Manager years before ever hearing of the title. In the years since he’s put a lot of thought into the development of his practice and has spoken Read more »

Product Management Tools in Everyday Life - Oisin Zimmermann (ProductTank Oslo)

BY Jess Lane on March 27, 2017

When you first start building a product you have a lot of decisions to make. You have to figure out what to build, what to build first, and know how to explain your decisions to both yourself and your team. As the ball starts rolling, keeping track of what to deliver and when as well Read more »

How to Counter Experience Bias as a Product Manager

BY Saurabh Gupta on March 2, 2016

We all have that one senior colleague – whether it’s the experienced number crunching data analyst, or the product manager who just joined from a Fortune 100 tech firm, or our manager – who has a few words of advice for the new feature we are working on. Does their input suddenly change your opinion, or force you to twist Read more »