How to lead data-centric product teams: Jon Mora (Chief AI Officer, Zefr)

BY Louron Pratt on February 23, 2024

In this Product Tank Bellevue talk, John Mora, Chief AI Officer at Zefr, offered a glimpse into the world of data-centric product management. Providing insights on leading teams, the best traits for data-centric product managers, and how to use LLMs effectively. Read more »

Black History Month: A spotlight on black product leaders

BY Louron Pratt on February 20, 2024

This Black History Month, we celebrate the brilliance and leadership of individuals who have made significant strides in product and have become effective voices for diversity and inclusion. Read more »

Loneliness in the C-Suite: A closer look at the CPO landscape

BY Louron Pratt on February 7, 2024

A recent study by Planes has revealed that over half of CPOs feel isolated in their leadership roles. We take a closer look at the research findings and offer solutions to solve this common issue in product leadership positions. Read more »

Product minds: Kaliel Roberts, Chief Product Officer, Crunchyroll

BY Louron Pratt on January 19, 2024

Learn about product leader Kaliel Roberts’s background, her rituals, and her obstacles as a product leader. Read more »

Navigating the future: Key leadership insights from tech experts

BY Louron Pratt on November 16, 2023

Leadership, a linchpin in the realm of product management, unfolded as a central theme during our conversations at Web Summit 2023. Here are some of our key takeaways gains from great discussions with leaders shaping products and businesses. Read more »

Creating a safe environment to foster team resilience

BY Johanna Feick on November 14, 2023

In this guest post, product leader, Johanna Feick explains how leaders can create a safe environment for teams to become more resilient and build great products. Read more »

Mastering cross-discipline collaboration: Insights from product leaders

BY Louron Pratt on November 7, 2023

Cross-discipline collaboration can be challenging for product leaders, filled with problems and overall difficulties. Read on for what we learned about communicating with multiple teams at the #mtpcon Leadership forum. Read more »

Improving emotional intelligence as a product leader with Kate Leto

BY Louron Pratt on November 6, 2023

We caught up with Kate Leto, product leadership coach, to talk about emotional intelligence, leadership, and coaching in product. Read on for some of her key insights. Read more »

Diana Stepner: Building a better product team through positive leadership character

BY Diana Stepner on October 27, 2023

Diana Stepner, Head of Product, Education at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative discusses how positive leadership can be an essential tool to build better product teams. Read more »

Three lessons in leadership: #mtpcon London leadership forum

BY Louron Pratt on October 26, 2023

On October 19th, we had the pleasure of hosting the remarkable #mtpcon London’s Leadership Forum event. The day was filled with enlightening talks from esteemed speakers, including Georgie Smallwood, Matt LeMay, and Adam Warburton. Here’s a brief recap of the valuable insights we gained from the three keynote speakers. Read more »