Experience is Overrated by Stewart Livingstone

BY Chris Massey on June 26, 2020

In his career journey from working in Learning and Development to being an Agile Delivery Manager at the Co-Op, Stewart Livingstone has seen the talent gap from multiple angles. In this MTP Engage Manchester talk, he and brings a refreshing perspective to this particular issue – one of the tech industry’s age-old problems. Organisations struggle to Read more »

Cultivating Product Mindfulness

BY Chris Massey on May 13, 2016

Simon Norris has over 20 years’ experience in bringing his psychology background to bear in running digital businesses. After his first 6 years working at the digital cutting edge for brands and corporations, he has focussed consistently on the experience that technology and businesses provide their customers, and took to the stage in London’d February ProductTank Read more »

Why Product Management Experience Matters

BY Martin Eriksson on March 30, 2016

David Cancel recently stirred up some controversy by arguing that when it comes to hiring Product Managers (tl;dr) “Experience doesn’t matter. Mindset and hunger do.” While I understand that this is his personal experience and not a hard and fast rule for everyone, I think some of the reasons he outlines are outdated and no Read more »