Molehill Mountain: A Self-Help App for Autistic People by Nicola O’Connor

BY Andres Phillips on November 25, 2019

Nicola O’Connor is a content strategist at Autistica. In her ProductTank London talk, she gives a recap of her first experience as part of a product team. The product being built is Molehill Mountain, an app for helping autistic people to understand and manage their anxiety. She speaks about: Developing the Molehill Mountain idea Why Read more »

How Humanising Your Product can Make all the Difference

BY Megan Sayers on March 14, 2019

For a bootstrapped product start-up, investing in visual design and illustration to humanise your product can seem like a low priority. You’ve bugs to fix, marketing to fund, and a user feedback log as long as your arm. Delightful touches, like illustration, are a luxury for those with six-figure investment, surely? A nice to have Read more »

What can Trader Joe's Teach us About Customer-Centric Product Development?

BY Keith Fenech on November 29, 2018

In talking about how a product goes from idea to shelf on an “Inside Trader Joe’s” podcast, Matt Sloan, the VP of Marketing Product for the neighborhood grocery store chain, tells the story of his visit to Canada years ago, to a factory which made soup to be sold in frozen “pucks”. Sloan wondered whether Read more »