Deep dive: Revolutionising product management with ChatGPT

BY Jing Hu on May 1, 2023

This deep dive guest post written by Senior Global Product Manager, Jin Hu, delves into the opportunities that lie ahead for product managers with the arrival of ChatGPT and other advances in AI. Read more »

The ChatGPT hype: Separating reality from fiction in product

BY Ambre Josse on April 26, 2023

The use of Chat GPT from Open-AI has become increasingly common in the world of product management. More and more companies are eager to integrate this technology into their tools in order to enhance their offerings and increase their appeal to consumers. Nonetheless, it’s important to approach the integration from a problem-solving perspective rather than as a trendy add-on. Read more »

Getting back to the core of a Product Manager in the face of AI

BY Christine Itwaru on March 27, 2023

Pretty much everyone in a tech-based role is asking: “What does ChatGPT mean for my career?”. In this month’s column, Christine Itwraru adds her take to the conversation. Read more »

How will ChatGPT change product management?

BY Eira Hayward on January 23, 2023

We look at the likely impact of the latest AI bot ChatGPT on product work and find out how product people are using it So… chatbot software ChatGPT. Have you played with it? Looked at how you might use it in your product? Do you welcome it or worry about its impact on the work Read more »