A case study: How to build useful AI features with a cross functional 'AI Squad'

BY Jamie Elliott on October 16, 2023

Lightful has been building features with AI tools with a fairly novel approach with an ‘AI Squad’. The organisation has been working through daily iterations with a cross-functional team trying to apply product and design theory to the practical part of building AI products. In this case study, Jamie Elliott, Head of Technical Operations shares the team’s key learnings from the perspective of tech, design, and product parts of the process. Read more »

How Duolingo uses AI to enhance its user experience

BY Louron Pratt on August 30, 2023

Digital learning app Duolingo has been on a hypergrowth journey since it was founded in 2011, and now over 20 million active users worldwide. We caught up with Edwin Bodge, Principal Product Manager at Duolingo, to learn more about its product strategy, how AI has helped, and where the product is heading next. Read more »

A case study: How to develop product and business strategies

BY Yana Arsyutina on August 11, 2023

Yana Arsyutina, Chief Product Officer of Netology EdTech-company, discusses the mistakes that can be made when developing separate product and business strategies, the consequences that can be expected, and advises how to avoid them using Netology as an example. Read more »

The pitfalls of misapplying customer-centered design in product development teams

BY Amjad Sidqi on July 27, 2023

Product Leader, Amjad Sidqi, explains how collaboration between product, design, and engineering teams is essential to ensure the appropriate application of user-centred design principles. Read more »

Using traditional product frameworks in modern growth practices

BY Christina Bourne on May 2, 2023

Christina Bourne explains why growth product managers shouldn’t abandon their more traditional product development frameworks to deliver great monetizable experiences. Read more »

A case study: The journey to becoming a product-led company

BY Kirsten Mann on April 10, 2023

In this deep dive case study, Kirsten Mann, Chief Product Officer at Prospection, shares some learnings so far on the journey that their team to transition from a service-led to a product-led company. Read more »

Trust? In product management?

BY Reid Manchester on March 28, 2023

Do you sleep well at night? Or are you restless, and worried about your product’s health and success? If you join me in the latter category the reason may be related to trust and risk. Read more »

Lessons learned in Latam: Leverage product management to prevent startup failure

BY Sergio Tang on March 16, 2023

As a seasoned product manager in Latam, Sergio Tang has reaped the benefits of using effective product management techniques first-hand, especially when things start going south. This article tells the story of some of his biggest mistakes (or learning opportunities) and his most significant wins. Read more »

A case study: How our own product discovery made us pivot Reveall towards product discovery

BY Ferdinand Goetzen on February 6, 2023

In this post, startup CEO Ferdinand Goetzen relates how product discovery led him and his team to adjust their thinking, pivot and change their product  Overview We started Reveall in 2021 as a platform to empower UX teams to do more with their customer research insights. As we sought to navigate some of the most Read more »

Building a digital product organisation, brick by brick by Nils Michaelis

BY Ian Haynes on January 13, 2023

In his digital breakout session at #mtpcon London 2022, Nils Michaelis discusses building a digital product organization in this digital breakout session at #mtpcon London 2022. Read more »