Video : BBC Connected Devices

BY Martin Eriksson on September 30, 2011

Aaron Scullion, Executive Product Manager for BBC Future Media, talks about the recent launch of BBC News for connected TVs. Read more »

Video : News International

BY Martin Eriksson on September 30, 2011

Griffin Parry, Group Product Development Director for News International, discussed the challenges they are facing in moving from print to digital. Read more »

Video : Channel 4

BY Martin Eriksson on September 30, 2011

Owain Rowlands, Product Manager for Channel4, talks about the recent redesign of Channel4’s on demand product, 4oD across web and mobile. Read more »

Video: panel on product management in media

BY Martin Eriksson on March 8, 2011

Big media is getting more serious about product management, something highlighted in the BBC report “The State of Product Management” so we gathered Ralph Rivera, Director, Digital Media at the BBC, Robin Pembrooke, MD of ITV Online and On-Demand, Dan Peters, Director of Product Management at Yahoo! Answers and Stephen Dunn, Head of Technology Strategy Read more »

Video : Guardian Platform Product Management

BY Martin Eriksson on March 3, 2011

The Guardian is one of the most innovative media companies, and has led the way on building an open platform for the wealth of content and data they have. In the Guardian’s long history, content delivery has evolved from the printed page to today’s multi platform environment where the latest news stories are published not Read more »

Video : BBC News Redesign

BY Martin Eriksson on March 3, 2011

BBC News is one of the biggest sites in the UK, with over 6 million users per day and 1.3 billion page views per month. In this excellent talk from January’s ProductTank, Anthony Sullivan goes through the year long redesign his team completed in July 2010. Read more »