Identifying and multiplying your best customers - Tamara Grominsky on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on September 1, 2021

We all want more customers—but being able to understand who your best customer segments are, prioritise for them, and then land more of them?  That’s a game-changer. We talked with Tamara Grominsky (Unbounce’s VP of Strategy) about some easy-to-implement techniques that will help you do just that. […] Read more »

Connecting to your customers in a remote world by Anna Lee Anda

BY Andres Phillips on August 6, 2021

With pandemics, limited budgets, and tight timelines, it’s even more important to do research in a scalable and safe way. In this  #mtpcon Digital APAC session, Anna Lee Anda, User Researcher at Zendesk, covers practical tips and lessons learned to help you and your team start conducting valuable research immediately. Anna uses the session to cover […] Read more »

MTP Panel: Using discovery and research to influence key product decisions

BY Louron Pratt on June 17, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this exclusive Prioritised member session, our panellists, Cindy Alvarez, Michelle Lotia, Steve Portigal, and Saielle DaSilva discussed how important discovery and research is in product management while providing insights on how it can be used to influence key product decisions. […] Read more »

Product Research Rules: Free chapter

BY C. Todd Lombardo on June 15, 2021

As product people, we know we’re not the customer. We also know the importance of doing product research to get to know our real customers, to figure out their problems, and how they react to the solutions we might provide. In our book, Product Research Rules, we explain how your entire team can conduct effective […] Read more »

Understanding the next 100m users in India by Akhil Jayaprakash

BY Andres Phillips on June 7, 2021

In this ProductTank Pune talk, Akhil Jayaprakash, senior product manager at Amazon, gives us a breakdown of what product managers need to know about the next 100m users in India, including their user personas, the challenges they face, and a sector already solving those problems. […] Read more »

Process as Product: What product ops can learn from user research

BY Marielle Velander on April 20, 2021

Each product operations practitioner has their own path to the role. This is mine, and what I was able to bring from my experience in research to this space of growing importance in the product ecosystem. […] Read more »

Performing Effective User Research: Advice From C Todd Lombardo

BY Louron Pratt on March 10, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this interactive AMA session for Prioritised members, C Todd Lombardo, author and VP of Product at Machine Metrics, discusses how performing effective user research can minimise the impact of bad product decisions. Watch the recording in its entirety or read on for the highlights, including: Why we make bad product decisions Doing the right product […] Read more »

Conducting User Interviews: A Practical Guide

BY Eira Hayward on March 5, 2021 for Prioritised Members

Hopefully, we all understand how important it is to talk to customers. As Marty Cagan observed in an interview last year, they’re one of the main sources of insights about a product, helping us to understand the issues with our products and why users do or don’t use them. But what if you’ve never conducted a […] Read more »

Communicating Research with Pace Layer Mapping by Adrian Howard

BY Helene Sanchez on February 26, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital session, Product Coach Adrian Howard introduces Pace Layer Mapping, a practice to help product teams communicate and align around user research, sharing the messy story of how the practice evolved. Watch the 20-minute session in full, or read on for the overview. A Messy Journey Begins Adrian Howard’s vocation […] Read more »

Capturing Customer Context for Cross-Channel Experiences by Cheryl Platz

BY Helene Sanchez on February 5, 2021 for Prioritised Members

In this November 2020 #mtpcon Digital session, Cheryl Platz, a multimodal design expert and author of Design Beyond Devices, shares a framework for capturing customer context and deepening your understanding of customers inspired by her time in improvisational theatre. Cheryl gets us thinking about the answers to questions such as: Is your customer experience straining at the […] Read more »