How to Communicate When You’re Founding a Startup

BY James Gadsby Peet on December 23, 2016

Forward Partners look to help early stage ventures get to Series A or seed funding by working with them on getting to viable and sustainable business models within 12 months. As such, for their team of startup experts, communication is absolutely key. So how do they make it work? Dharmesh Raittatha walks us through it. Read more »

What VCs expect from Product (and vice versa)

BY Martin Eriksson on July 25, 2011

Having been a Product Manager at Intel and Google, Rob Kniaz of Hoxton Ventures is one of only a handful of VCs with a Product Management background. He presented his views on what Product and VCs should expect from each other – and how they should interact at the last ProductTank: A VC Perspective on Read more »

Product Management - A key component for VC backed businesses?

BY Martin Eriksson on July 15, 2011

Mitch Pender of Antrak Capital joined us at the last ProductTank to share his view on Product Management. As a general manager and commercial manager for over 15 years Mitch brings a unique perspective from outside Product Management, and argues that while the function is crucial to the success of a start up – in Read more »