Motivating product teams during a tough time in tech

BY Christine Itwaru on March 6, 2023

In this column, Pendo and Mind the Product’s very own Christine Itwaru delves into how product teams can motivate themselves during turbulent times for the tech industry. Read more »

How to motivate a product team

BY Simón Muñoz on July 22, 2021

A motivated team is a happy team. A happy team is more creative, provides better solutions, and to top it off, it’s also more productive. In today’s post, I would like to introduce some techniques and ideas that I have been refining over the last 20 years focused on motivating product teams. Read more »

The Product Manager's Identity Crisis by Mitchell Gillespie

BY Andres Phillips on September 30, 2019

Product people have a ton of different responsibilities – a number of stakeholders to answer to and a number of different problems to solve. In this ProductTank Toronto talk, Mitchell Gillespie, Director of Product Management at Wave speaks about: The product manager identity crisis Motivating others Playbooks Watch the video to see Mitchell’s talk in full. Read more »

A "Trifecta" Approach to Building Trust & Motivating Others

BY Robin Zaragoza on June 16, 2016

The process of bringing ideas to life in a product is messy and difficult. As product managers we are constantly balancing time and money constraints, strong and often differing opinions, and unpredictable customers. So how do you move an idea forward amidst all this chaos? Megan Folsom presents us with a unique approach, her own Read more »