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Hiring and Developing Product Managers


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Hiring product people

In this exclusive MTP Leader Panel, Kate Leto, Petra Wille and Eli Montgomery join Emily Tate to share their thoughts on hiring and developing product managers.

Watch the session in full or read on for some highlights including our panellist’s take on what makes a good product manager, how to hire a junior, the importance of Emotional Intelligence, and how to evaluate candidates effectively.

What Makes a Good Product Manager

Timestamp: 3:10

Before you can hire or develop anyone, you need to know what you’re looking for and with that comes an understanding of what a ‘good’ product manager looks like. “I think a good product manager, in short, is somebody who is always striving for clarity and seeking balance,” says Petra. “That’s clarity towards stakeholders, upper management, their team, the customers, clients.” This she says requires the product manager to try to bring clarit…

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