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In addition to our product management conferences, Mind the Product runs the world's largest community of product managers, with meetups in 100+ cities around the world.

ProductTank: local meetups for Product Managers by Product Managers

Product Management Meetup

With over 50,000 members in 125+ cities ProductTank is the pre-eminent global Product Management meetup.

ProductTank provides local opportunities for Product Managers, Designers and Developers working in the mobile and web industries around the world to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Management, Design, Business Modeling, Metrics, Usability and all the other things that get us excited. Every ProductTank features talks from guest speakers on design, technical, and business related topics and good old-fashioned face to face networking over a beer or two.

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A Wealth of Content

Many of our ProductTank meetups around the world record their talks and share it here on Mind the Product. This just brings home how much we all face the same challenges - whether you're in San Francisco, Singapore, or anywhere in between.

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