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How YouTube can be Used as a Servant to Your Product By Lei Shei


In this ProductTank Singapore talk, Lei Shei of Elephant Media explains the value that can be found on YouTube and how a YouTube channel can be used as a servant to your product.

Lei’s YouTube channel, Curious Elephant, has over 126K Subscribers and 11.5M views. It covers topics around innovation, technology and science, ranging from the latest space technologies and bike-sharing services to consumer smartphones. The key points of his talk include:

  • What makes people buy a product
  • Telling your story

What makes people buy a product?

Some of the things that people consider when buying a product include quality, price, and accessibility. However, that is not what makes them buy a product. Ultimately, what makes people buy products is what the product represents.

As a YouTube influencer who focuses on tech-related topics, Lei uses Elon Musk as an example. Musk was able to get people to purchase a flamethrower off of his own recognition and what he represents. As humans, we desire to be recognized and this recognition and branding can help to sell products as they become associated with the other factors of quality, price and accessibility.

Telling your product’s story

Lei believes his YouTube channel was able to grow tremendously in a short space of time because he focused on interesting topics like technology, and attacked them from a strategic standpoint. He was able to capitalize on what people were interested in and searching for on the internet, through YouTube. The platform has provided him with an opportunity to make a full-time income as well as access to people from over one hundred countries around the world. This ability to tell stories in an interesting way and reach millions of people has been made possible due to YouTube and Google.

The key takeaway from his talk is that product people should not see YouTube as a product, but instead as a servant of products. It allows for product managers and marketers to tell their product’s story in a tremendous way.

Lei’s Q&A

And there’s more! During a Q&A session at the end of the talk, Lei answers questions and gives advice on how to focus your topics for your desired audience, building relationships with sponsors and how to become a creator.

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