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Video: Your product doesn’t sell itself

What are the elements of a successful product? It’s never one thing but in addition to building an awesome product, it’s also about external factors (like market maturity, demand, etc) and of course marketing. It’s never just “build it, and they will come” but about achieving the right fit between all three.

Skeptical? Over 450,000 new business are started in the UK alone in 2012, and one in three will fail. Even if your product is better than the competition, how will it stand out in such a competitive and noisy marketplace?

In this insightful talk at Mind the Product 2013, Tara Hunt digests these three areas, how they fit together, and shares some great examples where marketing helped great products achieve great success.

Tara, also known as @missrogue, has spent her entire adult life online. She is the VP Insights and Social Strategy at Lime Foundry, a pioneer of online and social media marketing, one of the most influential women in technology, wrote one of the first best-seller books on social media marketing, and has spoken all over the world on the subject of social media, product strategy and content.

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