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Video: UX for the Connected World of Things


A lot of effort goes into the mundane, boring things that no one really finds sexy, but when they don’t work, you find really annoying. This is particularly true in the growing world of IoT, affecting your everyday devices.

We’ve covered the topic of Internet of Things a couple times, and we’ve got a video from our archive that is worth sharing. At ProductTank November, Claire Rowland (@Clurr) talked about UX in the realm of IoT.

As Service Design Manager for, a connected home platform provider and author of a book for O’Reilly on UX design for the Internet of Things, Claire talked us through her experience working on everyday devices and how UX plays a role at various levels. She covers UX in interactive design, industrial design, service design, etc. all the way down to the data layer, and describes how all of these parts work together to create connected devices that provide value to our day-to-day lives.

Watch the video to see Claire discuss how, as the technology matures, understanding how to create compelling and usable everyday products for mass market users will be crucial.