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Video: Lean, Fast Feedback and Leopard Print

Challenging your assumptions can pay off. This is what UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) discovered when they created a digital lab and started applying Lean Startup techniques to their products.

At ProductTank FebruaryHemal Kuntawala (@hemalkuntawala) talked us through some of the specific insights and assumptions they wanted to challenge.  Each assumption is met with a challenge, and in turn, with a solution, and tested again.  After 4 weeks, they had created the M&S Style Board, and increased conversion.

In this talk, Hemal shows us how Lean Startup techniques allowed them to kick-start products and services that their customers would expect to see from M&S, and why he thinks that vision, instinct and obsession drive lean product management.

His full slides can be found here: