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The CEO Decoder Ring by Amanda Richardson


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Amanda Richardson at mtpcon Singapore

Why are CEOs crazy? This is the question that Amanda Richardson, CEO of Rabbit, tackled at #mtpcon Singapore. With extensive experience working with CEOs, and now being one herself, Amanda has come to the conclusion that even good CEOs are crazy. Moving from leading product teams to leading a company has given her the perspective to really understand why CEOs drive product managers crazy, and what product managers can do to make things better.

The CEO Decoder Ring

Amanda takes on the most common questions she had as a product manager about her CEOs’ behavior, and breaks down what is really going on in the CEO’s mind.

Why are you Micromanaging my Features and Telling me What to Build?

Product managers are supposed to define problems, understand needs, and then work to discover solutions. CEOs are supposed to set company direc…

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