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Solving the Puzzle by Hope Gurion


How can product people reconcile their ambition with the reality of what they’re doing right now? In this ProductTank London talk, Product Leader and Team Coach Hope Gurion provides some guidance for job seekers hoping to make the next leap in their careers but unsure about how to get there. The key points of her talk include:

  • Mind the gaps
  • Interview for that job
  • Find the win-win

Watch the video to see Hope’s talk in full or read on for an overview of her key points.

Mind the gaps

Many product people have an oversimplified view of what it takes to transition from one product role to another, for example, moving from Product Manager to Head of Product. Often, this can lead to frustration because the picture of how to get that particular job isn’t clear.

Hope explains that as a product person, you need to deconstruct the job and know what it takes to get there from your current position. By focusing on the raw pieces of the puzzle — specifically the skills you will need — you can identify if you’re well-positioned to get that job when it’s available.

Ideally, you should have a couple of results-oriented stories to share that explain how you can meet the job requirements you’re targeting. Having these stories will provide both you and the company with the confidence that you’re more than capable of handling the position.

Interview that job

As Hope explains, if you think you’re ready for that position, then the best test is to go out and interview for that job, even if it’s not at your current company. By doing this, you can determine just how much you want that position, if you’re well-positioned to get it or if you need to develop some more professionally.

Find the win-win

If you don’t meet the requirements today, you’ve given yourself a clearer idea about what needs to be done. Through speaking with a mentor or manager, you can find new tasks to do and begin to close out the gaps between your current position and where you want to go. This way, you can be better prepared for when the opportunity arises in the future.

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