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#mtpcon San Francisco reason #4 – build a community for your product tribe


People often ask me where the best conference is for product people, and for the past three years I’ve been surprising people by pointing them to London rather than Silicon Valley. So I’m very happy to learn that Mind The Product’s special blend of carefully curated content and creative community is now coming to San Francisco. I will absolutely be there.
– Marty Cagan, Partner – Silicon Valley Product Group

Mind the Product’s #mtpcon is coming to San Francisco, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should join us for it. We’ve picked out five to help you justify your ticket, and today we’re telling you all about the fourth.

Reason 4: This is your chance to build a real community for your product tribe

Mind the Product isn’t just an event; it’s a round-the-clock blog and community that’s dedicated to building a tribe around the art of product management. Our conference – #mtpcon – is an annual opportunity for that community to come together from around the world.

Finding your tribe and finding contacts with people who do similar things but in different organisations is really great for your development and getting better at what you do.”
– Leisa Reichelt, Head of User Research – UK Government Digital Service

It’s important to build connections and share experiences with kindred spirits in the industry – it’s what allows us to advance the discipline of product management. While engineering and entrepreneurship has moved leaps and bounds over the past decade by forging tribes based on learning – there’s little else on offer in the product space. That’s what Mind the Product is all about, and with #mtpcon coming to San Francisco that coming together just gets easier.

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