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#mtpcon San Francisco Reason #3 – Network with Passionate Product Peers


Mind the Product’s annual conference – #mtpcon – is coming to San Francisco, and there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should join us for it. We’ve picked out five to help you justify your ticket, and today we’re telling you all about number 3.

Reason #3:
The room’s full of people just like you to network with over free lunch and great coffee

Awe-inspiring speakers are only half the draw at #mtpcon. The equally star guests of the day are the audience – you. With such a singular focus on all things product, #mtpcon attracts a higher quality and more focused audience than you’ve seen anywhere else. You’re surrounded by peers who share your passion for building better products, and who you can share experiences, challenges and victories with.

So we do everything we can to make sure that you not only get the most out of the talks, but the great people in that room with you. We’re committed to a single track experience so that you can all reflect on the same experience, and we take care of you throughout the day with free lunch, snacks, great coffee and a fantastic venue that’s perfect for mingling.

For a conference to grow this big and be single stream is insanely unique. Single stream is key because it means that with whoever you bump into, you can talk about what you’ve both just seen. I’ve been in this building for maybe 6 hours and I’ve probably had 60 fantastic conversations.
Des Traynor, Co-Founder and VP Customer Success – Intercom, 2014

You’re certain to find interesting, like-minded people to discuss ideas with at #mtpcon. And we’re bringing the conference to San Francisco in 2015 to meet eager demand from a passionate US crowd.

It’s always nice when you’re working on digital stuff, and you’re working in your own little bubble, that you get to step out of that seat for a while, and not just reflect on what you do every day but also be around people thinking about the same problem and about how we work. I’d love to see this imported to the US.
Charles Adler, Co-Founder and Creative Director – Kickstarter, 2012

So the only question that remains is – will you be there with them?

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