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Mindset – Blaming the Framework, Core Team Communication, and Remote Working With Matt LeMay "Product people - Product managers, product designers, UX designers, UX researchers, Business analysts, developers, makers & entrepreneurs 14 December 2020 True Leadership Premium Content, Matt LeMay, Mindset for members, product questions, remote teams, Remote Working, Rosemary King, Mind the Product Mind the Product Ltd 267 MTP-Mindset-Card-Matt_lemay Product Management 1.068
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Mindset – Blaming the Framework, Core Team Communication, and Remote Working With Matt LeMay

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Rosemary King welcomes Matt LeMay to Mindset. Matt has worked in product for Bit.ly, various music startups, and now runs his own agency Sudden Compass. He is also the author of Product Management in Practice and Agile for Everybody.

In this episode, Matt and Rosemary discuss core team culture and practice and draw from their own experiences and expertise to answer questions from the Mind the Product community.

“The way to motivate humans to solve problems is to get them closer to the human they’re trying to solve problems for!”

– Matt Lemay

Show Notes

09:08 | How best to communicate remotely with a co-located team?

20:34 | How do I motivate my team of developers?

31:33 | How to manage cooperation with another product owner when they work on a different part of the same product?

46:24 | How do I address a lack of company-wide, measurable goals?

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About Mindset

Mindset is a Mind the Product series featuring expert product thinkers. Speaking with Rosemary King, they give helpful answers to product practice questions collected from our training workshop attendees and the greater Mind the Product community. Discover more episodes!

Matt LeMay and Rosemary King
Matt LeMay joins Rosemary King on the set of Mindset

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